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Purpose and FAQ

Asian Women Body Rainbow represents the wider spectrum of women who do not fit the transnational mainstream entertainment industry body type for Asian women. This means most Asian women.

  • women who are thick
  • women who are stocky
  • women who are plump
  • women who are big
  • women who are fat
  • women who are very tall
  • women who are very muscular
  • non-gender-conforming women
  • women with visible disabilities
  • women who are visibly pregnant
  • women with darker skin who have been underrepresented due to colorism
  • women with genetic body differences (e.g. albinism, dwarfism)
  • women with skin conditions (e.g. scarring, hyperpigmentation)
  • elderly Asian women


What does “woman” mean?

Anyone who identifies as a woman.

What does “Asian” mean?

Anyone who identifies as Asian due to ancestry in an Asian country. This includes multiracial Asians of any mix. 

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is designed to support Asian women looking for visual reinforcement that our bodies don’t need to fit a certain restrictive mould promoted by the fashion industry in order to be beautiful and of worth.

Does my image qualify?

Are you an Asian woman? Then yes! Even if you feel you’re conventionally attractive and thin and petite, but you want to submit, go ahead and do it. As long as the ratio of non-idealized submissions to thin and petite remains high, we’ll publish it at some point, because this blog is not intended to exclude anyone: it’s meant to provide realistic balance in visual representation. 

What kind of self image or video should I submit?

Any that you like. Preferably full body or half body pictures. Simple or glamorous. You have the power to create your own context and narrative. Nude images will not be published, but if you would like to submit nudes you can do so by posting a link to the image(s) and explaining 1) these are noncommercial images of yourself 2) under what circumstances they should be shared. 

What if my pictures are reblogged abusively?

We’re sorry that there doesn’t seem to be much recourse for this on Tumblr. We will remove pictures at any time at the request of the submitter, and lodge complaints against abusive reblogging. Sadly, Asian women, especially East Asian women, are so fetishized that some of these pictures might end up in disgusting places. Please weigh the risks and benefits and come to your own informed decision.

How old do I have to be to submit pictures?

18 and over.

Can I submit pictures not of myself?

Yes, as long as these pictures are credited properly and the women are historic figures, public figures, or have consented to have their images made public widely. Please give a link to the source and a little context to the picture. 

What kind of commentary can I include?

Any kind of commentary that isn’t body-shaming or body-negative, or no commentary at all.

Is this an eating disorder support blog?

No. While this blog might help people with body issues including eating disorders, we are not equipped to be a support blog for eating disorders. 

Is this an LGBTQI blog?

No, but it’s intended to be supportive of any LGBTQI Asian who identifies as a woman. Homophobia and transphobia will not be tolerated. We also recommend

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